Marathon & Half Marathon Course Description (Course Map)

Essentially a loop course, this USDA choice certified route and Boston Marathon qualifier starts in William Land Park – home to the Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town for children, and a nifty nine-hole golf course – running through its grassy landscapes for the first 1.5 miles. The course then winds through one of Sacramento’s nicest residential neighborhoods to 4.25 miles, turning slightly industrial for a short period. Live music will divert your attention through this section as you’ll hit riverside Miller Park near mile 5. The next 2 miles head through the Sacramento Marina before joining a bicycle path heading south along the Sacramento River. After leaving the bicycle path near 9 miles, the route continues south into the very scenic South Land Park residential neighborhood via Riverside Blvd. The course turns right onto shady Piedmont Drive near 9.25 miles passing several beautiful homes before reconnecting with Riverside Blvd. around 10.25 miles. The next 1.5 miles lead back to William Land Park where you’ll take a right on 13th Avenue and then continue for another 1.3 miles to the finish. Flat and fast, the CoreLogic Sacramento Cowtown Marathon course contains three short hills (20 - 25 feet) located around miles 5, 7 and 11.1. The marathon course loops twice.

5K Course
Our 5k course travels along the winding, shaded streets of the park.