Wondering what to expect? Graze on.

Just wanted to let you know that I had a great time at Sacramento Cowtown and was very impressed with the organization, entertainment and post-race spread (and the cowbell was a great touch). Getting an 8-minute PR didn't hurt either... So keep up the good work. I always feel confident when I see Capital Road Race is running an event. I know I will have a consistently superior experience. Thanks.

Best regards, Mike Antonucci

Way to go man. The Cowtown is a winner. I have run this race for the last 6 years ( 2 years full and 4 1/2) Yes it was a bit funky in the past but I always loved the course. But this year it was a total success which exceeded my expectations. Here is what I loved about it

1. The course. Really improved. I loved the return route by the river.

2. Cytomax. Are you kidding? Man this is the first race I have ever seen it used. This stuff is so great it feels like cheating just using it.

3. The shirts. Rockin! What an upgrade.

4. And last but not least..the medal is over the top.

Great job ... I will recommend this race to any runner who inquires. You can not beat it!

Pip Smith 

Congratulations on a great race on Sunday.  You guys did a great job, a quality race that will only grow I am sure.

Thanks, Steve White

This was the best “little” marathon I’ve run.  It was a great event and I look forward to coming back next year, and I’ll bring some friends.

Paul Johnson

Just got back from running the Cow Town Half.  Wow!!!! what a great job you and your team did!! 

Congratulations on a super event!! Everything from a runner perspective was perfect - and what an incredible new course!  GREAT planning!!

And now that I have a race director perspective as well, I will tell you that Shanna and I can definitely learn from the master! I hope you are very pleased with how things turned out.  Everyone I talked to was!

Jennifer Roesseve

As one who has suffered through many horrid Sacramento Half Marathons, I can't begin to express my joy in the event you put on today.  You, and your outstanding crew, have brought back life to an old friend.  Thank you for doing so.

Please extend my thanks to your entire staff for working their tails off so that we could have such a delightful experience as today.

I look forward to next year...and many years thereafter. Once again, thanks!

Cheers, Phil Oppeheim

I'm still smiling and it's almost one week later! I completed my first half-marathon thanks to Fleet Feet Training and thanks to you! Plus I had never run before!

OK, so I did a walk-run (2:2)! Doesnt' matter! I had the time of my life! The event was extremely well organized and the bands were phenomenal (I almost stopped to dance to Mustang Sally over at Miller Park but my running mates thankfully kept me going!) And the CowBell was the icing on the cake! Very fun and clever!

Thanks to you, all the staff, and all the volunteers who made it such a wonderful experience for all of us! Leslie McFadden

Leslie A. McFadden, Legislative Advocate, Office of the County Executive

I have been running the Sacramento Marathon/Half since 1976; this was the
best course ever!!  You and your associates outdid yourselves.  Great Event.
Jim Fischer 
Just want to say thank you for a great Cowtown event yesterday. Thought you might be interested in the attached article I wrote for our club newsletter. See you next year--same cow time, same cow pasture.

Take care, Sandy Flint, Sierra Race Walkers

O.K.....how fun was the marathon today??!! You guys rock!  The course was better, the music added so much and the cute little cow bell to finish it off...nice.

The only thing I can think of is a few more porta-potties in the morning. Well done Moo Master. Looking forward to next year.

Sheri Berniklau

Races do not just happen and you did something that was amazing yesterday.  It was #19 so a bit of experience to base my opinion....#6 since May...starting at Vancouver, Rock n Roll, Salt Lake, Silver State, Maui and you.   You get the prize!  The course was totally amazing, and I really liked doing the loop twice.  I had never done a race like that and it helped so much to know where I was going the second time around.  The volunteers were truly the best.  The metal, now that was clever.  Being interested in marketing -  the way the theme carried through every step of the way was really something, but the question - what is the number of the cow's shoe? 

Regards, Kent Mishler

Just wanted to congratulate you on a GREAT race event!  Bill ran the 1/2 and I ran 20 of the marathon miles (I'm running NY next month).  It was a good course, with lots of aid stations, and good music. Bill loves his cow bell medal too!

Well done.  Thanks, Nanette Farley

Just wanted to let you know the race was great.  Loved the course!!  I decided to run yesterday when I was in FF buying a new pair of shoes, I'm very happy I ran.  You always put on a quality race.

Keep the pace, Cindy Scott

I just wanted to say how great the organization and race details were this year.  I was a bit disappointed last year in the lack of pre-race amenities (like water), but this year your whole team deserves a great round of applause.  The course was great, the music perfect, the volunteers had great attitudes and were so helpful, and the pre as well as post race amenities and booths were just right.  The only thing wrong was that my time for the half marathon was slower this year, but that’s life at 54.
Anyway, I just wanted to pass on my congratulations to you and the entire race management team for hosting such a great inaugural race.  See you at the 2 nd year of the race next October!

Larry Berman

Great job! You did a fantastic job of organizing and putting on a first class race today. The course was great, the bands were great, and the finish was great. It was my fastest half marathon that I have done, and I loved the race. Maybe I will be able to do another 4 hour marathon this year. It's always good to see you. Once again-WELL DONE! I'm doing Four Bridges, so maybe I'll see you there.

Take care, Peggy Rex

You did an excellent job today.  The race, as far as I could tell, went
smoothly, the food was great, there was plenty of water, the bands were
awesome and it was a beautiful morning.  I really think you pulled off a
great run. Oh, and cute awards too!

Well done, Jenny


Just thought I'd send off a quick note to say what a great day today 
was - the Cowtown Marathon was a hit. The cow theme was a great idea 
and everyone I knew who ran it had a terrific time.

I think many runners underestimate what it takes to put on a race; 
and I am sure Race Directors are underappreciated - you probably hear 
(and have to fix) anything that goes wrong, so I just thought I'd 
write to say thanks!

Looking forward to next year's Cowtown ! Stephanie Papas

You are either exhausted or exhilirated or both. We were very impressed with your new version of this old time marathon. Glenn first did this as his first marathon 25 years ago. He had done it a handful of other times over the years and was also thinking that course changes and different organization would make it bigger and better. so voila' you appear and do it.  We realize there were some kind of glitches going on at the start but luckily it had cooled down for the day so us longer runners would not die in the heat with a delayed start. All the volunteers were great- on their feet, on bikes, in trucks and cars. The porta pottie and park bathrooms were much better. The new course is definitely a winner. This was our #108 and #118 marathons so we have some knowledge of good and bad. we have also been a part of the Run on the Sly organization for 12 years so know things from that perspective. Congratulations!

We hope that you will keep the longer time allowance as long as you can for the marathon. Word will be getting out that there is a NEW Sacramento marathon and that it is walker/slow jogger friendly. One woman I chatted with had heard it was such and read it on your website and came all the way from Minn!  We are happy to stay to the side of a road and once back in the park it is even easier. Since this is the first year you know word of mouth will be a key factor in getting repeaters and new recruits. Thanks for listening.

One more happy note- when I  looked over the results I saw that I got first place in my age group (well I was the only one but I don't care) and we did not see the results when we were still on site at the finish. Is there a cow award I should get from you or someone else, somewhere?  Thank you!    Christine Powell-Millar, age 55-59

Glenn Millar and Christine,Elk Grove