Sacramento CowTown Marathon Posts

The Sacramento Marathon has a sentimental appeal for Capital Road Race Management. It was at the inaugural race in 1977 where a short, scrawny thirteen-year-old boy named Rich Hanna ran his first marathon in 3:01:14 on a bacon and eggs breakfast. Twenty-eight years later, Hanna heads the new management team for the Sacramento Marathon – now named Sacramento Cowtown Marathon.

Local sporting goods store owner John McIntosh organized the first Sacramento Marathon. An accomplished tennis player turned runner, McIntosh completed his first marathon in San Diego in 1976. It was there that he decided Sacramento needed a marathon of its own, and his business, McIntosh’s Sports Cottage, would be the main sponsor. Nearly one thousand runners lined up in shady William Land Park for the first running of the event. New Zealand’s Wayne Badgley took the men’s race in 2:25:49, while Sacramento’s own Sally Edwards ran away with the women’s crown in 3:03:33. Under McIntosh’s direction, the marathon and half marathon (added in 1978) blossomed to nearly two thousand participants combined during the running boom of the late 1970s and early 80s.

In 1986, McIntosh sold the event to Ron Sturgeon of neighboring Dixon, California. Participation in the event declined beginning in 1983 due to the arrival of the California International Marathon. The Sturgeon family kept the race going until 2003 when they sold the event to Race Walking International Sports Management Group headed by John MacLachlan and Paul Smith. John and Paul worked tirelessly to reinvigorate the event and dramatically increased participation in 2004 to nearly 1,150 participants between the marathon and half marathon. Sadly, Paul was diagnosed with colon cancer only days before the event and was unable to attend the event he worked so hard to co-produce. Paul passed away in early May of this year. John decided not to tackle race organizing duties by himself and sold the race to Capital Road Race Management in the spring of 2005. This year’s event is dedicated to the memory of Paul Smith.


Even though exercising for most people is to keep fit and healthy, many people exercise to have fun as well.  For those who cannot follow a disciplined regime to stay fit, outdoor activities and games are ideal  This will not only help them stay healthy and fit but also lets their body be exposed to nature’s elements like sunlight and fresh air. Rowing machines and spin bikes is usual way to workout at home but you should also try working out outdoor.


Visit the community park

Apart from being free of cost, outdoor games are great ways to get into shape. In certain Asian countries, a great work-out session can be achieved with a visit to the nearest community park. Communities all over are renovating their parks and installing exercising equipment so that the locals can use them for free. The friendly park environment contributes greatly to an enjoyable fitness experience. You can build great strength outdoor with help of rowing machines as well. You can read kettler kadett rowing machine review – and decide if its perfect rower for you.

Playing outdoor games is a stress-buster and confidence-booster

Playing outdoor sports or games is a great idea for outdoor work-outs. Along with achieving fitness through the physical exertion, the spirit of competitiveness makes it more enjoyable. Most people like to get their blood pumping and heart racing, along with the enjoyment. This gives them the satisfaction of achieving a brilliant work-out session.

Along with getting fresh air and sunlight, outdoor games prove to be great stress-busters. When you play a game, you tend to enjoy and interact with your co-players. This helps in raising your confidence levels and in socializing. Playing outdoor sports also gives you a natural but beautiful tan that most people would want. Getting this healthy tan in an enjoyable way is much better than sitting under the hot sun for a long time to achieve the look.

Cardiovascular endurance

Sports like football, basketball, swimming and others help with cardiovascular endurance that contributes to fitness. Cardiovascular endurance is a very effective element that can help keep track of your health. This can be retained by playing outdoor games that allow the free movement of your body. Even daily activities like walking, jogging and others help with cardiovascular endurance.

Outdoor games that help you stay in shape

Swimming: Being a popular fitness activity, swimming is an enjoyable sport mostly during summers and hot days. Be it in a pool, ocean or lake, swimming helps build your muscles and tones down your body.

Volleyball: Volleyball is a group sport that helps give an excellent workout for your legs and arms. Beach volleyball is another enjoyable form of volleyball. Apart from getting ample vitamin D from the sun rays, your body will be more toned and healthier.

Frisbee: Even though playing with a Frisbee needs a lot of space it exerts almost every muscle in your body. This game is more like football or rugby and can be played in a group.

Other games: Fitness can also be achieved by playing other sports like badminton, baseball, basketball and many others. Physical activities like hiking and trekking are also fun ways of staying fit and healthy.

Playing an outdoor game must be done more for the aspect of enjoyment than to achieve fitness, because the end factor is fitness. Playing these games shows that physical fitness can be achieved through fun and non-tedious methods as well. To top it all, outdoor games are more of a group activity than lonely rigorous work-out sessions.

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1st Annual Sacramento Cowtown Marathon, Half-Marathon, Relay and 5K Run/Walk.



Sacramento, California located at the Northeast corner of William Land Park on Freeport Blvd across from Sacramento City College.


Plenty of parking is available along the side streets of William Land Park and at Sacramento City College (located across the street from the start/finish area). Please follow the parking signs.

Official Training Program

As part of our changes we’ve included an official training program to help you prepare for this fun event. Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento will offer an 8-week half marathon training program that begins Sunday, August 7th. For more information regarding this training program click here or call us at (916) 442-3338. You can also plan to join the coaching staff for a question and answer night on Tuesday, June 28, 2005 at 7:00 p.m. at Fleet Feet Sports Sacramento ( 2311 J Street).

Start Times

The Marathon, Half Marathon and first Relay team member will all begin together at 7:15 AM sharp. The 5k will start at 7:30 AM with a 1 hour time limit to complete.


Our course is new, a lot more attractive, no more out-and-back but still flat and fast.


half-marathon-2014-70Essentially a loop course, this USDA choice certified route and Boston Marathon qualifier starts in William Land Park – home to the Sacramento Zoo, Fairytale Town for children, and a nifty nine-hole golf course – running through its grassy landscapes for the first 1.5 miles. The course then winds through one of Sacramento’s nicest residential neighborhoods to 4.25 miles, turning slightly industrial for a short period. Live music will divert your attention through this section as you’ll hit riverside Miller Park near mile 5. The next 2 miles head through the Sacramento Marina before joining a bicycle path heading south along the Sacramento River. After leaving the bicycle path near 9 miles, the route continues south into the very scenic South Land Park residential neighborhood via Riverside Blvd. The course turns right onto shady Piedmont Drive near 9.25 miles passing several beautiful homes before reconnecting with Riverside Blvd. around 10.25 miles. The next 1.5 miles lead back to William Land Park where you’ll take a right on 13th Avenue and then continue for another 1.3 miles to the finish. Flat and fast, the CoreLogic Sacramento Cowtown Marathon course contains three short hills (20 – 25 feet) located around miles 5, 7 and 11.1. The marathon course loops twice.

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It is no secret that women around the world try to get that sexy body flaunted by the cover girls of each month’s magazine. Not only do single women aim for that gorgeous body, even moms want something to be proud of. Many of us have tried several workout routines for women to trim our body and lose weight. Having a beautiful body helps by giving us the self-confidence and pride that every empowered woman must have. You should own one athlete level spin bike for serious cycling workout at home.


Working out shouldn’t be done just to get that glam body, but must also focus on achieving a healthy lifestyle. A body in good physical shape gives you the strength and energy to get by your daily life without getting stressed out easily. Following is a list of things that may help you achieve that gorgeous body and keep you healthy.

Set your priorities straight

The first step in undergoing a fitness regime is to have a clear picture as to what exactly you want to be, and the things you are looking to avoid. For instance, women who are just out of the pregnancy phase will have gained a lot of weight. In such a case, the main focus must be on weight loss before you can even think of aiming for a glam body.

Psych yourself

After you have set your goals, it is important to psych yourself completely. If you believe that you’re not going to reach your target, you won’t! No matter what you try, without the right frame of mind, you cannot achieve what you want to, unless you are confident and committed. Just think about the thousands of women who have already done it, by simply believing that they can. If you can work out for three hours continuously each day, the results will be evident.

Issues with starving

You don’t necessarily have to starve yourself or go fasting to achieve that model look. In fact, these are very unhealthy habits and have the potential to cause health problems. Moreover, by not eating, you will be reducing the amount of energy that could otherwise be used during the day. No one wants to have stress because they couldn’t complete their everyday tasks, right?

Other areas of prime focus 

It is important to make sure that you don’t focus too much on losing weight alone. Take care of the other aspects of the body as well. You must work out appropriately to enhance your muscles and to give you the energy to live a happy and healthy life. Stamina is also very important, so make sure that you give enough attention to your running shoes. You may also lift weights to increase your strength. Hitting the gym is something you must do regularly, at least for a couple of hours, and make sure that you follow a healthy diet for best results.

Fitness Guide

Until 10 year ago, boot camps were only conducted to help boost the fitness levels of new military recruits. As you can imagine because these were specifically designed with military personnel in mind they can be killer workouts! During such camps the instructors took the fitness class outdoors and aimed to push the new recruits to higher levels of fitness.


Yet this type of physical training has now become a popular and fun way for people to lose weight. Today, anybody can find a special boot camp to fulfill his or her fitness needs, such as baby boot camps and beach boot camps.

What is a Boot Camp?

A boot camp is actually filled with several types of exercises that are efficient, as they target the entire body, including the heart, by switching from one form of exercise to another. Each boot camp workout involves a mixture of cardio and calisthenics and are very challenging because they are very intense.

The aim of these workouts is to challenge you to work your body to until it has reached its limit. As a result of this not only do you sweat more but also burn calories a lot more.

Although there is a difference with regards to normal gym workouts as with the boot camp ones you will find that the exercises are more challenging because they are more intense. Even though the exercises are similar to those you would do in a gym such as pushups, crunches and other weight loss exercises. However what you will find is that these exercises are a lot more fun because of them being done outdoors. Plus there will some competition between you and others involved in the class.

A study carried out during a boot camp session by the American Council on Exercise found that on average those participating lost 9.8 calories per minute. This in turn works out to them losing around 600 calories per hour.

How Boot Camp Sessions Help in Burning Belly Fat?

Boot camp functions well for weight losers because of its high intensity training strategies such as jumping, sand running, sprinting, circuit training, and hill climbing. As a result these forms of exercise help to boost your heart rate and keep you working hard throughout the session.

Generally when some one works at such high intensity levels he or shee not only burns lots more calories during the session but also burns plenty of them long after the session has finished. The reason for this is that during such intense workouts it causes the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect to be triggered, which in turn causes them to take in more oxygen to bring things back to a normal level.

The harder you exercise or work, the more oxygen your body needs in order to function properly. This in turn causes the process of metabolism to be improved which means that it works more effectively for longer and in turn helps to burn off more calories even when you are not exercising.

This is why boot camp workouts are an ideal way to shed dangerous belly fat. Attending two to three boot camp sessions per week will eventually lead to you having a more toned, slimmed, and strengthened body, including your waistline.

Which Types of Exercises are Included for Losing Belly Fat?

Ab circuit training + high intensity interval cardio
Intense and high-paced cardio
Intense aerobics

These are the three different workout sessions that you can do at boot camp. Each of these will include abdominal and overall body exercises that you are already familiar with but have been customized in relation to how long you perform them for and what equipment is used.

It is these things that help to make boot camp workouts more challenging, as well as a great fun way to burn belly fat and calories overall, especially when performed outdoors