Boot Camp Workout To Help Burn Off Belly Fat

Until 10 year ago, boot camps were only conducted to help boost the fitness levels of new military recruits. As you can imagine because these were specifically designed with military personnel in mind they can be killer workouts! During such camps the instructors took the fitness class outdoors and aimed to push the new recruits to higher levels of fitness.


Yet this type of physical training has now become a popular and fun way for people to lose weight. Today, anybody can find a special boot camp to fulfill his or her fitness needs, such as baby boot camps and beach boot camps.

What is a Boot Camp?

A boot camp is actually filled with several types of exercises that are efficient, as they target the entire body, including the heart, by switching from one form of exercise to another. Each boot camp workout involves a mixture of cardio and calisthenics and are very challenging because they are very intense.

The aim of these workouts is to challenge you to work your body to until it has reached its limit. As a result of this not only do you sweat more but also burn calories a lot more.

Although there is a difference with regards to normal gym workouts as with the boot camp ones you will find that the exercises are more challenging because they are more intense. Even though the exercises are similar to those you would do in a gym such as pushups, crunches and other weight loss exercises. However what you will find is that these exercises are a lot more fun because of them being done outdoors. Plus there will some competition between you and others involved in the class.

A study carried out during a boot camp session by the American Council on Exercise found that on average those participating lost 9.8 calories per minute. This in turn works out to them losing around 600 calories per hour.

How Boot Camp Sessions Help in Burning Belly Fat?

Boot camp functions well for weight losers because of its high intensity training strategies such as jumping, sand running, sprinting, circuit training, and hill climbing. As a result these forms of exercise help to boost your heart rate and keep you working hard throughout the session.

Generally when some one works at such high intensity levels he or shee not only burns lots more calories during the session but also burns plenty of them long after the session has finished. The reason for this is that during such intense workouts it causes the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) effect to be triggered, which in turn causes them to take in more oxygen to bring things back to a normal level.

The harder you exercise or work, the more oxygen your body needs in order to function properly. This in turn causes the process of metabolism to be improved which means that it works more effectively for longer and in turn helps to burn off more calories even when you are not exercising.

This is why boot camp workouts are an ideal way to shed dangerous belly fat. Attending two to three boot camp sessions per week will eventually lead to you having a more toned, slimmed, and strengthened body, including your waistline.

Which Types of Exercises are Included for Losing Belly Fat?

Ab circuit training + high intensity interval cardio
Intense and high-paced cardio
Intense aerobics

These are the three different workout sessions that you can do at boot camp. Each of these will include abdominal and overall body exercises that you are already familiar with but have been customized in relation to how long you perform them for and what equipment is used.

It is these things that help to make boot camp workouts more challenging, as well as a great fun way to burn belly fat and calories overall, especially when performed outdoors